Hotel Marinella - on the waterfront of Marciana Marina for a dream vacation on the island of Elba

Marciana Marina - Elba islandHotel Marinella - Elba islandHotel Marinella - Marciana Marina

Flights to Elba » timetable, airlines and online booking

During the summer Elba is connected by many flights during the summer carried out by italian and foreign companies. The directly connected airports are: Milan, Pisa, Florence, Berne, Lugano, München, Hamburg, Berlin, Wien.
The airline Silver Air flies all year round from the destinations of Pisa, Florence, Milan Linate and Lugano (during the summer time) to Marina di campo (Elba) offering great connections from the main European airports.

The airport is 15 km from our hotel in the village of La Pila near Marina di Campo.

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